Information stand in the Hannover Adventure Zoo

WLF_1Students and academic staff from the Research Group Ecology and Environmental Education of the University of Hildesheim and the Institute of Zoology of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover together with Madagascar Wildlife Conservation inform the visitors of the Hannover Adventure Zoo  on the 25th / 26th as well as on 30th / 31th of October at an information stand about the most endangered species of lemurs.

WLF_2Lemurs constitute 20% of the lemurs in the world. Now they are among the most endangered mammals in general. Almost all species of lemurs are on the red list of threatened species: 23 species are critically endangered, 52 are endangered and 19 species are vulnerable. Main reasons for the vulnerability of lemurs are habitat destruction and hunting. In Madagascar, about 90% of the natural ecosystems and thus the home of the lemurs, have already disappeared.


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