Filming at the MWC headquarter in Germany

In the realms of the project “Alaotra – Endangered Treasures of Madagascar”, Dorcon Film visited the MWC headquarter in Germany to document the conservation efforts being conducted in Hanover. During a meeting with Prof. Jonah Ratsimbazafy, intensified future collaboration and conservation actions between GERP and MWC were discussed as well. Photo by Dorcon Film.

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Call for Papers: Management of Natural Wetlands in Madagascar: Using Landscape Approaches to Integrate Research and Practice

Call for Papers: Management of Natural Wetlands in Madagascar: Using Landscape Approaches to Integrate Research and Practice

An international conference in Antananarivo, Madagascar from the 12th to 14th October 2016, at the University of Antananarivo, Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques

The wetlands of Madagascar are extremely diverse, with ten sites recognized by the Ramsar convention for their importance, and numerous wetlands benefitting from protection as parks and reserves across the island. The biodiversity importance of the Malagasy wetlands is due to many endemic birds, fish, a lemur, a carnivore as well as numerous plants and aquatic invertebrates, but these areas are also the basis of livelihoods for many farmers and fisher folk dependent on the lakes, marshes and rivers to ensure their subsistence.

A wide range of international, national and local stakeholders play essential roles in the management of these wetlands, for example the local people, researchers, managers and the authorities. There are various landscape based approaches for managing wetlands in Madagascar, and this international conference is being organized to bring together a broad range of experts involved in wetland management, including decision makers, donors as well as managers and researchers.

Programme for the International Conference:

Tuesday 11th October (evening): Exhibition of Photos from Lake Alaotra at the Institut Français de Madagascar.

Wednesday 12th  October : Plenary Presentation by Conference Host, Professor Bruno Ramamonjisoa ; Presentation of the results from the AlaReLa Research Project; Round table discussions with stakeholders from the Lake Alaotra region. A practical training workshop will then be held on how to publish scientific articles in the journal Madagascar Conservation & Development.

Thursday 13th  October : Presentations by local site managers of natural wetland sites from across Madagascar, as well as findings of researchers and by other stakeholders for landscape scale approaches and their application to wetlands.  Plenary presentations by Professor Jean-Pierre Sorg and Dr Claude Garcia.

Friday 14th October : Presentations by decision makers, donors and NGO representatives.  Plenary presentation by Mr. Oely Rakotomamonjy, Regional Officer for Africa and Madagascar at the Ramsar Secretariat.

Plenary Speakers:

Mr. Oely Rakotomamonjy, Regional Officer for Africa and Madagascar, RAMSAR Secretariat, Switzerland

Professor Jean-Pierre Sorg, Emeritus Professor, ETH Zurich.

Dr Claude Garcia, ETH Zurich and CIRAD.

Professeur Bruno Ramamonjisoa, ESSA, Université d’Antananarivo.

Objectives of the Conference  :

  1. To share the results of the research from the AlaReLa project in Lake Alaotra with other managers of wetlands interested in landscape based approaches.
  2. To bring together site managers, researchers and other stakeholders of Malagasy Wetland Landscapes in order to :
  • Share expertise and research findings as well as individual experience and best practices from conservation stakeholders in different regions of Madagascar;
  • To support initiatives and efforts being undertaken by others to establish a Malagasy national network of wetland managers;
  • To reinforce the capacity of wetland site managers and NGO staff in the publication of their research results and lessons/results from management.
  • Working directly with editors and reviewers to start the process of publication of a special issue on landscape management of wetlands in the journal Madagascar Conservation & Development (MCD).

Host Committee:
Professor Bruno Ramamonjisoa, Dr Patrick Ranjatson, Dr Harifidy Rakoto-Ratsimba,ESSA, University of Antananarivo.

Organization Committee: Tahiana Ramananantoandro, Ihoby Randriamalala, Natacha Stoudmann, Lucienne Wilmé, Bruno Ramamonjisoa, Patrick Waeber, Barry Ferguson.

Scientific Committee: Lucienne Wilmé, Bruno Ramamonjisoa, Patrick Waeber, Barry Ferguson.

How to take part in the conference

If you are interested in presenting your work during the conference, we invite you to submit a declaration of interest before the 1st September 2016.  Please specify if you wish to present orally or through a poster, and if you envisage submitting a manuscript for publication of a scientific article in the wetland special issue of MCD.

Abstracts (maximum 200 words) of your presentation must be submitted before the 14th of September 2016.  We ask you to submit declaration of interest, abstracts by sending them to the conference email address:

The decisions of the scientific committee will be communicated no later than the 19th September 2016.

Visit Madagascar Environmental Justice Network at:

Learning to give

Incredible!  The American School Antananarivo started a fundraising campaign to help safing the Alaotran Gentle Lemur. The Second Grade and their teacher Jennifer raised enough funds to allow a field trip for 24 students and teachers to visit the Alaotran Gentle Lemur in its natural habitat! With this, they support a crucial component of MWC’s educational work for the long-term survival of this unique lemur!

More details about the successful campaign are provided here (subitem “Learning to give”):

the ultimate preparation games for the sporting spectacle of the year

The Warm-Up event before the Olympic Games in Rio. On July the 23th and 24th the ultimate preparation games for the porting spectacle of the year will take place in the Hannover Adventure Zoo with Madagascar Wildlife Conservation being one of the cooperation partners. There will be lots of fun and many opportunity to take part for all!

More information:

inauguration ceremony and official opening of the new MWC office

The inauguration ceremony and official opening of the new MWC seat by the head of the Alaotra-Mangoro Region, Mr Honoré RAMINOARISON, took place on the 10th of March 2016 in Ambatondrazaka. The inauguration was also attended by local authorities and the MWC and AlaReLa Teams, who will use the office as their head quarter. After a series of presentations about the history and the activities of MWC, an environmental role play were presented. The following workshop focused on improving the current conservation strategy for the NAP (Nouvelle Aire Protégée) “Lac Alaotra.”

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Hapalemur alaotrensis (Alaotra gentle lemur; local name: bandro) is the only lemur living constantly in wetlands.

The bandro only exists in the marshes fringing Lake Alaotra (Madagascar). Major threats are habitat destruction for rice production and pet trade. A bandro as seen in the clip here can be bought for less than 3 Euro (less than a chicken produced in a German or USA factory!), but chances of survival in captivity are slim. Lollipops and bananas won’t do the trick!
The international team of Madagascar Wildlife Conservation promotes long-term initiatives that integrate biodiversity conservation, environmental education and rural development. Thanks for supporting us in the conservation of this unique lemur and its habitat:

World Lemur Day 2015

World Lemur Day on October 31 at the Erlebniszoo Hannover! 

Held at the end of October, the 2nd annual World Lemur Festival raised awareness for lemur conservation, celebrated lemurs and Madagascar, and educated the public about why it’s important to protect them and their habitats in Madagascar.

The World Lemur Day at Zoo Hannover was a cooperation together with Madagascar Wildlife Conservation. MWC presented the lemurs in their natural habitat and the work of the organization. While the zoo gave information about the red-ruffed lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs in the zoo and the visitors could win a meet-and-greet with the ring-tailed lemurs!

A recently published paper describes the approach that Madagascar Wildlife Conservation has been implementing during the past ten years at Lake Alaotra.

Madagascar Conservation & Development, Vol 10, No 1S (2015): “Ten years into the marshes – Hapalemur alaotrensis conservation, one step forward and two steps back?”

Natural resource management problems typically involve a multitude of stakeholders with diverse sets of needs and interests, and often conflicting worldviews in an environment with growing uncertainty…

Woman working in the rice fields.

Woman working in the rice fields.

Link to the paper:

MWC published a paper on environmental education in the open access journal “Sustainability”

Sustainability 2015, 7, pp. 8855-8880: “Conservation Messages in Speech Bubbles–Evaluation of an Environmental Education Comic Distributed in Elementary Schools in Madagascar”

In this paper, we present the results of a survey of an environmental education program applied to a cohort of 542 students in six primary schools at Lake Alaotra, Madagascar. The educational materials used were a comic book and additional materials designed specifically for local conditions in rural Madagascar…

Environmental Education

Environmental Education at Lake Alaotra



Link to the paper: