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How to get there?
From Antananarivo you need to go to Ambatondrazaka. From there you can take your own transportation or a taxi brousse which takes around 45 minutes and costs 2’000 Ariary.

Room and Board
Once you arrive at the entrance of Andreba, a welcome sign near the road will give you directions to Camp Bandro, which is located just outside the village about 100 m from the sign. From the Camp you can see the edge of Lake Alaotra. There are four rooms available (small and double beds, from 11.000 to 21.000 Ariary), so you might want to make a reservation. Another option is our camping facility which is 5.000 Ar per night/per tent. Our cook can prepare lunch or dinner for you at the Camp. There is also the possibility to order breakfast.

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What you can do and see?
In order to see the Alaotra Gentle Lemur, the Bandro, you will have to book a pirogue. A guided boat tour on the lake and into the Bandro Park costs 10.000 Ariary per pirogue (1,5 – 2 hours). During the tour you will also have the possibility to observe the impressive avifauna of Lake Alaotra. You will have to get up early as the Bandro is best seen at dawn. But to experience the daybreak on Lake Alaotra is well worth it.

To make a reservation for Camp Bandro please call the MWC office in Ambatondrazaka at +261 341 014 760 or send a email to contact (at)