Environmental poster

The Environmental Education Poster shows an overview of the species of the Alaotra marshlands; it is a mixture of photographs and drawings depicting a marshland scene. A little accompanying text is provides brief descriptions of the flora and fauna in both Malagasy and French.

Using a poster for environment learning  LR (66)  IMG_2589

The Poster was developed between October 2010 and December 2011 as a cooperation project of Madagascar Wildlife Conservation, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the Ako Project and the McCrae Conservation and Education Fund. It is been distributed to all primary schools that MWC is currently working with. In the long-term all schools around Lake Alaotra will be provided with posters for the classrooms. To reach out to other resource users in the region, environmental authorities,  tourism organizations and hotels, and communities surrounding Lake Alaotra will be supplied with posters.