Environmental comics

In a first phase of this project, MWC has developed a comic book realized by the Malagasy artist Ramafa. The comic book is entitled, AROVY FA HARENA, which means “protect/preserve because it is richness”. The nine volumes in the series convey the adventures of the village boy Fidy, the Alaotra gentle lemur Malala, and their friends.

Each volume addresses a specific conservation issue of the local ecosystem and serves as a starting point for further activities to increase the knowledge and understanding of the school children. Teachers are trained in using the comic book during their lessons, informed in detail on the topic in question, and supplied with background information and supportive educational material.

Educational Comic  LR (52)  Education_Test_Andry

Since 2006 MWC has engaged with more than 18 primary schools around the lake reaching out to more than 3,000 children. This project is currently being evaluated scientifically to improve the efficacy and gradually expand to other schools surrounding the lake.