Interactive learning

Learning is fun! MWC encourages school children to take interest in their environment and the need to protect it by providing diverse and attractive learning materials. These teaching materials can be used interactively in the classroom and are a great supplement to the comic book series.

Education_Cicie_Sanda (1)  Education_Cicie_Sanda (8)  Education_Lake_Andry (2)

Cut and glue! Three habitat images and a page with different local animals are handed out to the children, who are encouraged to cut out the animals and paste them into their correct habitat. In doing so, children should notice that the gorilla has sneaked onto the animal page but does not live in the Alaotra environment. Another exercise engages the children with multiple choices where they have to connect short animal descriptions to their respective images.

Experience the lemurs! Only a few Malagasy have ever seen a lemur in the wild. MWC organizes an annual competition amongst the schools where the winning class is taken to Park Bandro to experience the Alaotra gentle lemurs in their natural habitat.