AMBio project (completed May 2016)

The research project “AMBio MADAGASCAR – strategies for the conservation of biodiversity in Madagascar using the example of Lake Alaotra” was conducted between November 2012 and Dezember 2015.

This research project addressed the complex ecological and sociological situation around Lake Alaotra in an interdisciplinary approach by three complementary sub-projects : (I) research on the ecological relationships of the disturbed lake ecosystem, (II) development of culturally adapted forms of environmental education in schools and for local stakeholders and (III) the development of appropriate alternative uses of natural resources, especially the invasive water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes).

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The project was conducted in cooperation with the University of Hildesheim, Germany and run over three years. The thesis topics of the three PhD students were:
Pina Lammers:
“Ecological status of the lake and the effect of different sources of influence”
Tsiry Rakotoarisoa:
“Sustainable Resource Management / Usage of the Water Hyacinth”
Lena Reibelt:
“Evaluating the Environmental Education”