Mitchell W. Robinson

Madagascar Wildlife Conservation Testimonial

Arguably, Madagascar is one of the greatest wonders on Earth and boasts hidden secrets. The flora and fauna seem to be that of another planet: enough so to question is it another continent? The island of Madagascar continues to elude scientists to this very day with endless new discoveries constantly giving taxonomists classification nightmares. This evolutionary melting pot may hold vital clues in future breakthroughs in science, medicine or possibly clues to our past. It would be a shame for a place so rich in diversity and culture, such as Madagascar to be in peril. Unfortunately, that’s where it’s headed. Due to the lack of a stable economy and dwindling natural resources, the Malagasy people continue to deplenish the island’s already depleted forests.

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In order to preserve what great creatures still flourish on the island, Madagascar Wildlife Conservation (MWC) needs your help! This organization is crucial for developing programs and projects in selected areas of Madagascar such as Lake Alaotra. MWC has a true passion and love for the well-being and preservation of Madagascar as a whole along with this mysterious lake/marsh region. Every individual can make a difference to save the endangered species surrounding Lake Alaotra such as the Alaotra Gentle Lemur. Help the MWC with a donation, volunteer for a micro project or simply show your support. The urgency to protect this pristine Island couldn’t be more critical, so future generations can continue to explore, discover and enjoy this truly unique isle.

Mitchell Robinson supports and condones the actions and conservation efforts of the Madagascar Wildlife Conservation.

Mitchell W. Robinson
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The gecko picture is of a Uroplatus fimbriatus or Giant leaf-tailed Gecko. Published on NatGeo: